Enter this Homeschool Giveaway to win FREE Curriculum worth $390

Kirkwood Education Online is sponsoring a terrific giveaway valued at $390 through May 12th here the Christian Home School Hub! (Giveaway ends May 12, 2015 @ 8pm MST)

Description of Prize: 6 months free enrollment for one student in Kirkwood Education Online,
includes support and all workbooks in pdf format.

About Kirkwood Education Online:


This homeschool program includes individualized curriculum for preschool through elementary grade levels. All workbooks are paired with online lessons and computer exercises which provide instruction, automatic real-time records, and help children develop their computer and writing skills.

Character Development and Awards

This program defines six levels of character growth. Each student starts at Character Level 1 and progresses when he or she meets certain character development and achievement objectives. Each of the six character levels has a unique award that is available to print each week for students that have met their weekly character goals. These awards ingrain a sense of purpose within students and provide them with a sense of accomplishment, which encourages continued academic achievement.

Self-Esteem and Discipleship Lessons

Beginning with Prefoundational and Foundational skills there are self-esteem building exercises embedded in this program that promote spiritual growth and strong work ethic. Also included in the character development sequence is a discipleship series of lessons which enable students to store the truth of God’s word not only in their minds but more importantly in their hearts.

Time With My Teacher

Parental involvement is the single most critical factor in a child’s academic success. This program facilitates this crucial involvement with the Time With My Teacher component. This component affords you as a parent the opportunity to assess your child’s mastery and provide positive validation and encouragement.

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