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Raising Teens to Thrive in the Real World

This fall, our fifth (and last) child will be launched from our home and off to university, and my husband and I will settle down to fully embrace this new season of the “empty nest.” Am I worried? Not at all—not for her, not for us. After all, when you parent with purpose, you can let go with confidence.

Sure, we’ve all read the headlines about how scores of today’s young adults are floundering in the “real world.” Sadly, their “book smarts” aren’t always translating into “life smarts.” Admittedly, the list of most common problems is enough to weaken the confidence of even the most competent parent: Entitlement mentality. Failure to launch. Low college graduation rates. Poor work ethic and struggles in the workplace. Succumbing to negative values and influences with their newfound freedom. Abandoning their faith. So, it stands to reason that young adults who don’t fall prey to these issues and attitudes will stand out like candles in the darkness—and they do.

How can we go about raising young adults who distinguish themselves in this way—people of admirable character who live with purpose, honor, and impact? Continue Reading!

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