Learning Styles & Memory Verses

When having your children memorize scripture, you should consider their learning style. Children learn differently, so here are so helpful tips!

For Visual Learners  

  • Journal – Have your child keep a special journal just for memory work. She can use it to record the verse, as well as her thoughts about the scriptures. 
  • Colored pencils and small drawings – Color coding special words in the verse or drawing little pictures by the words will trigger your child’s memory and engage his imagination. And it’s just more fun to learn when the page looks cheerful!

For Auditory Learners

  • Listen – Read the verse out loud to your child or listen to an audio version together. A free audio version of the bible can be found at Bible Gateway. You can also record yourself reading the verse – this is an easy choice for smartphone users, and fun for your kids to hear.
  • Talk about it – Discuss what the verse means. Don’t just give a sermon, ask your child what he thinks God is showing him through the verse. Listen patiently and correct theological errors with gentle questions. Ultimately the goal in memorizing scripture is not to know a lot of words but to grow in relationship with God.
  • Say it out loud – Over and over and over! We say the verse 10 times together out loud, then each person tries to say it alone. Don’t be surprised if you need to repeat more often.
  • Sing – There are a number of great scripture albums geared for kids, including Seeds Family Worship, and Hide ’em in Your Heart. If you can’t find a song with your verse, make one up! We like to keep scripture music CD’s in the car.

For Kinesthetic Learners

  • Use your body – Make up motions to go along with the words, or use American Sign Language. Here is Sami Cone showing Psalm 23 with hand motions. It’s especially fun to combine motions with scripture songs… dance His Word with your kids!

Keep It Fun!

  • Learn scripture with friends – Find a local chapter of a scripture memorization organization, or start your own. Awana clubs provide structure and incentive for memorizing verses.  If your child enjoys a good competition check out Junior Bible Quiz or Bible Bee
  • Use a book designed for kids – Use a story book like My ABC Bible Verses to engage your child’s imagination as he memorizes. I have also heard good things about the Truth and Grace Memory Book series. 

Tips For Parents

  • Choosing scriptures –  Use scripture lists to help you choose the verses you want your child to memorize. You may want to highlight basic theological concepts, well-known verses, or even scriptures that address areas in which your child is struggling. One topical book you can use to help guide you is Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments. The FighterVerses app has a “Foundation Verse for Kids” section.

CHSH-Teach Memory Verse Resources

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Scripture Memorization Chart
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Memory Verse Cards
A memory verse for every letter of the alphabet



64 Memory Verse Cards



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