Control your Child’s Internet Usage

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Smarter WiFi, Smarter Parenting

We started Torch because as parents ourselves, we know  that raising children is difficult. And raising children with unfettered internet access is next to impossible.

The idea for Torch came about because of my 10-year-old son’s Minecraft obsession. I call it an obsession, but addiction may be a better word. He was always tired from staying up late, became irritable if he couldn’t play, and increasingly withdrew from normal social interaction. The final straw came after we’d confiscated his iPad one night. We caught him sneaking into our bedroom at 1 AM to steal back his iPad, to play more Minecraft.

Enough was enough. As a parent, I felt powerless. I knew the internet could be a beneficial tool, but the way my son was using it wasn’t healthy. After researching, I learned that the average child spends 6-9 hours per day on a device. If you’re like most parents, and I was, you have little idea what they’re doing for those 6-9 hours, and even less of an idea how to get them off their device.


There are a lot of services out there that can block porn or turn off your internet. We started Torch because for us, and for our kids, those solutions weren’t good enough. Blocking porn is important, but what about hate speech? Violence? Drugs and alcohol?  And what about good content? What if we wanted our children to access educational content but not get distracted by Facebook or Youtube? That’s where Torch comes in.

Torch gives you over 30 categories to filter each child’s internet by, plus the ability to block specific URLs. That control lets you create a customized internet experience for each child, ensuring everything they see is age appropriate.


With Torch, you can pause the internet with the click of a button, set bedtimes to prevent late-night internet use, and see reporting to gain insights into what your children are doing online. It’s easy to customize for each child, and best of all, even the least tech-savvy parent can be set up in under 5 minutes.

With Torch you are back in control.

Shelley Prevost, Ed.D.  |  Torch  |  CEO

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