March Math with a Shamrock Theme Early Elementary

I’ve designed Shamrock Math so that it can be used with various ages and skill levels! It is also GREAT for visual learners as well as your kinesthetic learners who love hands-on manipulatives!

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Included in Shamrock Math – Counters, Mats and Worksheets:
– Clover ‘shamrock’ counters for numbers 1-100 and additional blank cards
– 60 individual clover ‘shamrock’ counters
– Group of tens clover ‘shamrock’ counters (2 styles)
– Base ten blocks (green): hundreds, tens and ones
– 8 Math mats
– 16 Worksheets (varied skill levels)

Math Mats are designed for number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place values (tens/ones and hundreds/tens/ones)

Math Skills: single digit addition, single digit subtraction, addition fact families, double digit addition, counting using block ten markers, place value, multiplication fact families, word problems, division.

Please Note: The counters and mats will take prep time. Counters are best prepared by printing, laminating and cutting apart (to use year after year). Mats should be printed and laminated as well.

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