Who I am

My name is Lynda Ackert and I am a veteran educator of 20+ years. I began my career as a public school teacher and taught both in the states and overseas for the Department of Defense before becoming a mother at the age of 33. I began homeschooling in 1999. As part of my passion for teaching, I discovered that I love creating material for teachers and
homeschoolers! In 2010, I began my website (CHSH) where I really enjoy
interacting with those who love to educate! I truly believe…

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Terms of Use:  

All files are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Do not:
* Redistribute in anyway.
* Do not reproduce, repackage, or redistribute in whole or part, for any reason.
*  Do no give someone your copy or a copy you  downloaded.
*  Do not sell, host, or store on any other site (a blog, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)

 Please do:
*  Use with your family or classroom.
* Direct others to the original download page from where you downloaded any file.

Fonts & Clipart

Fonts and Clipart used on this blog, on CHSH-Teach.com and within any Creations by LAckert products my include products from the following companies:

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Contact me

Want to contact me about my website or materials? Contact me here!

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2 Responses to About

  1. Kim Goodell says:

    Hello. I would like to email a business inquiry but cannot find your email address. Can you contact me at kgoodell@lifegroove.com?

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