Ants | Hands-on Insect Science

Students love studying insects and the ‘common’ ant may not be seem so common after this unit! Ants have some unique capabilities and there are more than 10,000 known ant species around the world. This resource is an interactive, hands-on Science project that will engage your classroom in student centered learning.


During the process, students will learn about

– Life Cycle of an Ant

– Types of ants

– Social structure of an Ant Colony

– Food and Habitat of Ants

– Ant Communication

– Ant Predators

– Positive and Negative Ecosystem Impact of Ants

– Anatomy of the Ant…and more!


Informational text about ants (life of the ant, communication, food, appearance, anatomy, habitat and more)

Posters and diagrams of life cycle and ant anatomy

Flash cards of 15 different types of ants (pics and information)

Fun fact cards

Suggested vocabulary (with definitions)

Templates for project

Template instructions / Project instructions

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After completion, students will have a beautiful 3D project to keep. Projects can be individual or you can assign as a cooperative learning activity.

The Lion and the Mouse | Teaching Aesop’s Fable 2 Ways

Here is a fun, creative and different way to teach Aesop’s fable, The Lion and the Mouse! This Language Arts resource will use both the Caldecott’s winning picture book by Jerry Pinkney and the actual fable itself to help students gain understanding of the central theme and develop and practice important skills which will require attention to detail (both with illustration and text evidence). Students will be asked to give character analysis, describe the setting, develop a story map, explain cause and effect, show textual evidence and give opinions.

Section 1 (to be used with the Caldecott winning picture book) includes:

  • Guided Reading suggested questions
  • ‘Write the story’ worksheet
  • ‘Think about it’ worksheet
  • Character Analysis worksheets

Section 2 (to be used with the fable itself) includes:

  • Student copies of the fable
  • Character Analysis worksheet
  • ‘Central Message’ worksheet
  • ‘Textual Evidence’ worksheet
  • ‘Story Map’ worksheet
  • ‘Cause and Effect’ worksheet
  • ‘Relating to your own life’ worksheet (self narrative)
  • ‘Which version did you enjoy most’ worksheet (opinion)

Each writing worksheet offers 2 copies (one with dashed lines and one with single lines). This will allow you to choose which works best for students.


Saint George and the Dragon | Caldecott Book Guided Reading and Response

Students like stories with heros and Saint George is one in this book!

Storyline: This story begins with a nameless knight riding around the plain who has never been to battle. Despite this, the Queen of Fairies sends him to fight a dragon who has been terrorizing their land. He travels with Una the princess of the land. On his way to the dragon the knight meets an old hermit on top of a hill who explains to him his English heritage and tells him his name is George. George meets the dragon laying down as if it was a hill itself. The dragon sees his sword and prepares for battle. After a hard-fought battle George eventually emerges triumphant and slays the dragon. The king, promising Una to whomever slays the dragon, fulfills his promise and marries George and Una. Although all is well in the land George still fights other battles for the Queen of Fairies and through these battles George becomes Saint George.

Why I’ve created a ‘GUIDED READING’ resource: Guided reading is ‘small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency‘. The small group model allows students to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs, accelerating their progress. Questions in this resource have been designed to help assess students in a variety of ELA skills.

What this product includes:

For the Teacher:

  • Suggested Pre-Reading, About the Cover, After Reading and About the Art work questions are provided. These should be teacher directed.

For the Students:

  • Worksheet for students to answer questions from the story
  • Worksheet to produce questions both while reading and after reading
  • 2 art responses
  • BONUS: Dragon Shape Book to use at your discretion. Suggested uses: to create a book report or summary; to record unfamiliar vocabulary and definitions; to create their own original dragon story; to publish a dragon poem.

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Thanksgiving Grammar & Creative Writing Activities for November

This grammar and creative writing resource, Thanksgiving Grammar & Creative Writing Activities, will keep your students actively learning throughout the month of November covering a variety of skills.

Includes 30 student pages and will have students focusing on adjectives, adverbs, verbs, suffixes, articles “a” and “an”, nouns – both common and proper, syllables, synonyms, proofreading and also provides picture writing prompts for creative story writing as well as acrostic and limerick poetry!

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Geography Nomenclature Cards – Regions of the United States

Geography nomenclature cards are a great resource for any classroom. Use as study materials, a reference for projects or studies or simply for display, these U.S. Regions nomenclature materials will be a great addition to your classroom!

wz 207 a

This set of U.S. Regions – Geography – Nomenclature cards consists of 20 cards:

  1. Regions of the United States in color with coded key (4 regions*)
  2. Regions of the United States in color with coded key with state names
  3. Regions of the United States in b/w and separated
  4. Regions of the United States in b/w and separated with state names
  5. Northeast Region (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  6. Northeast Region with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  7. Northeast Region b/w standing alone (with small insert of region in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  8. Northeast Region b/w standing alone with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  9. Midwest Region (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  10. Midwest Region with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  11. Midwest Region b/w standing alone (with small insert of region in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  12. Midwest Region b/w standing alone with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  13. South Region (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  14. South Region with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  15. South Region b/w standing alone (with small insert of region in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  16. South Region b/w standing alone with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  17. West Region (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  18. West Region with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  19. West Region b/w standing alone (with small insert of region in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)
  20. West Region b/w standing alone with state names (in color displayed on b/w full U.S. map)

wz 208 d

This set has the U.S. divided into *4 regions as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau

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Geography – Regions of the U.S. – Northeast Region – Informational Text and Worksheets

This is the first part of a growing set of U.S. Geography resources that I creating and offering on my website CHSH-Teach and TPT…

Geography – Regions of the U.S. – Northeast Region – Informational Text and Worksheets

This Regions of the U.S. Geography resource is centered on the Northeast Region and contains textbook style informational text and related student worksheets with answer keys. Students will enjoy learning about this region studying the categories of

  • Land and Water
  • Climate
  • Products and Natural Resources
  • Landmarks
  • Culture and Food

Click to Preview

The informational text worksheets begin with an anticipation activity section followed by questions that students will answer about each category. The last is a fun ‘unscramble’ the state names worksheet.

Because the United States can be divided up into different regions, I’ve designed this resource to follow the regions as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. The resource shows the states in the Northeast as being Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

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Pumpkin Poetry – Autumn Creative Writing

This resource has been created to spark your students’ imaginations and creative writing with a PUMPKIN THEME!
 wz 267 e
Covering 9 different types of poetry:
  • Acrostic
  • Diamante
  • Haiku
  • Limerick
  • Monorhyme
  • Cinquain
  • Minute
  • Tanka
  • Shape


The first page is a handout for students with ‘Pumpkin Facts’. This has been designed to get them thinking about fun facts. The rest of the pages are all for publishing their pumpkin poems.

Each type of poetry has been given several different pages on which to publish. There are also ** descriptions of each type of poetry ** so that students know how to write each specific one.

>> All student publishing pages are b/w to save on ink!
>> Imagine a Fall student created bulletin board displaying their masterpieces!




13 Colonies – Notebooking Through History (Complete Unit)

Settlers from Spain, France, Sweden, Holland, and England claimed land in the New World beginning in the 17th century. The struggle for control of this land would continue for more than a hundred years and is an important part of US History.

Whether you are looking for a complete stand-alone unit or a supplement to what you are currently studying within your selected curriculum, this Notebooking unit will fit the bill!

wz 270 a

It includes:

* Notebooking instructions, assignment and organization pages
* Evaluation Rubric
* Information reading for students about the colonies (overview, motivations, economy, beliefs, revolution, first settlements, Jamestown, Pilgrims voyage, and life in the colonies – farming, church, education and food)
* Maps
* 32 student project / notebooking pages
(These notebooking pages are in color but can be successfully printed in grey-scale to save on printing costs.)

wz 270 e

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Geography – USA Teaching Resources

Geography has always been a subject that I loved teaching, especially surrounding the USA. I also love when lessons can be made to cross over into other subject areas or become ‘hands-on’.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve created several NEW Geography related resources and I’m excited to share them with you!

All of these NEW resources are part of my Learning about the USA series…

wz 274 a

The 1st is a 150 page download which provides you 3 maps of each state:

* Blank outline
* Outline with State Capital
* Outline with Major Cities

This resource can be used in too many ways for me to list here but I’ll give you a few ideas…

* Cut out the blank outline and place on cardboard. Using homemade salt dough, students can create a 3-D relief map on top of the state outline, sculpting in rivers, mountains, etc. Once dry, have students paint them, green= land, brown= mountains, blue= rivers.

* Create a state book using the outlines. Students can do this by copying and cutting out several copies of the blank outline and one each of the others. The first blank outline will serve as the cover. Students can use each of the pages to create a fun book about the state.

* Using the outline maps with cities, ask students to add things such as major highways, historical landmarks, etc.

Also ready for you to download…

wz 273 e

These new resources can be used to create a variety of cross-curricular lessons and lead to hours of learning.

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Learning about the U.S.A. – State Birds –

Why does each state in the U.S. have a state bird, a state flower or other state selected ‘thing’? As a teacher, I was once asked this very question. I didn’t know the answer but I went looking. This is what I found…It is done to instill a sense of local state pride and patriotism and is a holdover from the early days when states were almost independent countries.

So why have a study on ‘State Birds’? My answer: For the wide range of learning that will occur during such a study! That is why I’ve created a MEGA Bundle of materials designed to provide students with a creative way, an inspiring way, to study ‘State Birds’…

wz 278 a

As they are completing their studies, students will exercise valuable skills such as…

  • researching
  • reading to comprehend informational text
  • organizing information
  • disseminating information

They will also be completing a cross-curricular study combining the following…

  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Geography

This BUNDLE contains over 700+ pages and covers all 50 states and more…

wz 278 B

wz 278 C

wz 278 D

Each state has 14 pages designed for students to write, draw and express what they are learning and/or have learned throughout their studies.

** Cross-curricular learning at it’s best. ** ​

Language Arts: reading, research and writing (Students will be expected to search out informational text to learn about each state bird. Multiple pages are giving for students to report what they have learned. Some pages include sections for drawing. Also included: Pages designed to be used for different age groups.)

Science: Scientific classification (A page is included for each state to list the Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. Also a full coloring page is included if you’d like students to label the parts of each bird.)

Social Studies: Geography (2 map pages – One to identify the state and one for students to show everywhere in the U.S. the bird lives as well as any migration)

** Designed for multiple levels **

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