Cause & Effect – Teaching students this important Reading Comprehension skill

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An important reading comprehension skills is being able to determine cause(s) and effect(s) within the written text. This download has been designed to explain to students how to determine causes and their effects as well as to give students ample practice in choosing each. In addition, students will also have opportunities to create causes for given events, effects of given causes, and more!

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Designed for 3rd – 5th Grades.

19 Student pages,
Answer Keys

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Learning about… Author’s Purpse

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The unit begins through explaining the P.I.E. of an Author’s Purpose: Persuade, Inform and Entertain. The unit also later includes a 4th purpose of writing: to express personal feelings.

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Reading Comprehension: Author’s Purpose P.I.E..
A proof reading activity of the same text as the Author’s Purpose Reading Comprehension,
Several worksheets for students to read passages and select the Author’s Purpose,
Several worksheets that students are also asked questions delving into the purpose of the writing a little deeper or where a student might find this type of text,
A reading about ‘Alexander Graham Bell’ (that was not written to inform as one might expect with topic related questions)
A reading about ‘Looking at Earth from Space’ and related questions.
1 form for students to use for any book/article to describe the Author’s Purpose as well as students to compare the author’s point of view to the student’s personal point of view.
Designed for 3rd-5th grades and includes 18 student pages plus answer keys.

Also has been prepared so that the unit will work for test preparation!

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Learning: Alliteration

Alliteration: The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

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Designed for 3rd – 4th grades, this unit includes 11 student worksheets (plus answer keys).

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Students will be asked to:
– Define alliteration
– Recognize the use of alliteration
– Create an alliteration by adding a now to an adjective
– Fill in the blank (using a word bank) to create sentences with alliterations.
– Complete a paragraph (using a word bank) to create sentences with alliterations.
– To create there own sentences with alliterations.

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