Kindergarten | 1st Grade Winter Themed Language Arts and Math Worksheets

Want some Language Arts (Literacy) and Math worksheets to use during the months of December and January? The below resources all have Winter themes (non-Christmas – just Winter) and cover a large number of early learning skills such as word creation, word families, rhyming, matching, suffixes, number work, arithmetic, money work, measurement, patterns, shapes and more!

Snowman Math for Winter Months (1st Grade Skills)

Snowman Math for Winter Months resource is packed full of 1st grade Math skills! Great to use for review, seat work, homework and math centers – Includes 30 student pages…enough for an ENTIRE MONTH OF REVIEW & REINFORCEMENT!

Skills include:

  • Addition (up to 20, up to 30, no carry. carrying, doubles and tens)
  • Subtraction (no borrowing)
  • Even and Odd
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Graphs – Reading and Creating
  • Patterns
  • Skip Counting
  • Money
  • Reading a thermometer
  • Greater than – Less than
  • Fractions

Designed for use with 1st grade students as well as for advanced Kindergarten and remedial 2nd grade.

Winter Themed Skills Workbook | Kindergarten | 1st Grade | Perfect for January

Winter themed skills workbook to give your students a full month of Language Arts and Math activities for January! There are 29 student pages that can be used for mini-lessons, extra practice for struggling learners, seat work for early finishers, homework, group work, and centers. Print and Go – No Prep required.

Skills covered in this resource:

  • Shape identification
  • Matching pictures with sentences
  • Rhyming words work
  • Matching capital letters with lower case letters
  • Making words (changing first letters)
  • Pattern work
  • Measurement
  • Color identification
  • CVC Word work – Short ‘a’ – ab, – am, -ag, -ap
  • Cloze passages
  • Alphabetical order
  • Suffixes -s, -ed, -ing
  • Money: Pennies only, Pennies and Nickels, and Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
  • Fine motor skills (tracing, drawing, coloring).

Snow Themed / Winter Unit for Firsties! (NO PREP)

When it is cold out and you want FUN, NO PREP lessons, this is the resource: Snow Themed / Winter Unit for Firsties! This unit will provide you with a couple months worth of student activities.


  • Language Arts Skills include reading comprehension, sentence sequencing, handwriting / copy work, snow vocabulary work, phonics (“sn” words), rhyming, poetry, punctuation (period, question mark or exclamation mark), complete sentence identification, noun or verb
  • Math Skills: Symmetry, single digit addition and subtraction, even vs odd, number words, graphing, size comparison, telling time, counting money, greater than / less than
  • Science: Learning about how snow forms and the five different types of crystals formed at various temperatures.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Handwriting, Tracing, Drawing, Cutting and Pasting

Mitten Themed Literacy, Math and Science Winter Activities

This resource focuses on language, math and science and is based around 4 ‘Mitten’ themed poems. Perfect to use for mini-lessons, within a literacy circle or in centers during Winter months!

The poems and the skills/activities for each…

  • Mitten Left & Right:
    • Color words (Math) and topic-related vocabulary (Literacy) word wall or center flash cards
    • Handwriting / Tracing worksheets for copying the poem
    • Drawing and ABC order worksheet
  • Kitten’s Mitten
    • Color words (Math) and topic-related vocabulary (Literacy) word wall or center flash cards
    • Kitten’s Mitten shape book for students to complete (students will cut, color and trace with a focus on colors)
    • Drawing and ABC order worksheet
    • Several color based worksheets using multiple skills (including using a key)
  • Mittens Left and Right
    • Topic-related vocabulary (Literacy) word wall or center flash cards
    • Worksheets focusing on learning ‘left’ and ‘right’
  • The Mitten (A Ukrainian Folktale)
    • Animal vocabulary (Literacy & Science) word wall or center flash cards (animals from the poem)
    • The Mitten shape book for students to complete (students will cut, color and trace focusing on the animals)
    • Animal picture cards (Science)
    • Animal habitat / homes activities to use with picture cards (Science)
    • Fill in the missing vowels (animal names)
    • Matching animals with their names

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